Activation requests



1) Enter your e-mail address.

2) Enter your serial number. This was sent to you via e-mail after you purchased your GoPro CineForm product.

3) Enter your name. Use whatever name you would like here...just make sure you use the same name in the Activation Window. Most people use their actual name.

4) Enter your Windows System Code or Mac Challenge Code (see below for help finding this).

    The Windows System Code can be found by running the Activate utility found in the Windows Start Menu:

      "All Programs\GoPro\GoProCineFormStudioPremium (or GoProCineFormStudioProfessional)"

      For Neoscene and Legacy CineForm products, the Activate utility is found in:

      "All Programs\CineForm\NeoScene (or the folder named after your legacy product)"

    After running the Activate utility, you will see the Activation Window showing your Windows System Code.

    Note: If you have an expired trial version, when launching the Activate utility you may see a window showing a 'hardware fingerprint' instead of a 'system code'. Do not be alarmed. The hardware fingerprint is the same thing as the system code. If you see two hardware fingerprints, submit the form using the second hardware fingerprint in the window - the one labeled "(enh)".

    The Mac Challenge Code can be found by doing the following:

      Launch your Mac System Preferences and then click on the 'CineForm' icon in the 'Other' pane. When the CineForm preferences appear, click on the 'License' panel. Then enter your serial number in the serial number box and click the 'Reqeust' button.

    The Mac Challenge Request Code will then appear in the window.

5) Click the 'Activate' button here on the webpage. Upon submitting this form, your information will be verified by our activation server. If accepted, an activation key/code will be e-mailed to you.

More in-depth activation instructions can be found here:

If you have any questions or issues, please open a support request at the CineForm Support Center.