GoPro-CineForm Decoder

Download the GoPro-CineForm Decoder (formerly called Neo Player).

The GoPro-CineForm Decoder is a free decoder available for both Windows and Mac through the download links below. Please read the following comments about The GoPro-CineForm Decoder before downloading:

  • The GoPro-CineForm Decoder never expires
  • The GoPro CineForm Decoder will play Active Metadata that is attached to a GoPro CineForm clip as long as the Metadata was declared as ON. You cannot modify Metadata using The GoPro-CineForm Decoder. Select the metadata display controls from the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer system tray icon (Windows) or menu bar (Mac).
  • Formats / Resolutions: The GoPro-CineForm Decoder decodes GoPro CineForm files of all spatial resolutions and chroma formats
  • What is Installed: The GoPro-CineForm Decoder installs the GoPro CineForm QuickTime decoder (Mac) or DirectShow and Video for Windows decoders (Windows).
  • The GoPro-CineForm Decoder WILL play GoPro CineForm 3D files: On both Windows and Mac, select the 3D display mode from the GoPro CineForm Status Viewer system tray icon (Windows) or menu bar (Mac).
  • Readme files located in: Windows: CineForm/CineFormDecoders directory under Start Menu - Mac: /Applications/CineForm folder
  • Acceptable Use: The GoPro-CineForm Decoder may be installed by a user for personal or business use on a PC or Mac in your possession. The GoPro-CineForm Decoder may NOT be installed on equipment intended for sale or commercial distribution. If you're interested in a distribution license please contact GoPro directly.

Windows -

Mac -

Mac-specific comments:

  • RT Enabler for Final Cut Pro. The RT Enabler for Final Cut Pro is disabled in the Free GoPro-CineForm Decoder. For RT Enabler support, you will need an active trial version of one our our paid products, or an actual licensed version of one of our paid products.

Windows-specific comments:

  • Premiere Pro and After Effects Importers (Windows). The GoPro-CineForm Decoder does NOT include the GoPro CineForm file importers or real-time editing engine for Adobe Premiere Pro so it is NOT a replacement for your primary editing machine.

  • Accelerated Playback (Windows). The GoPro-CineForm Decoder installs a utility to "accelerate" playback in case playback stutters in Windows Media Player or other applications. Using this utility, GoPro CineForm Intermediate files dynamically decode to a smaller resolution during playback based on the natural multi-resolution decoding characteristics of Wavelet compression:

    • TURN ON accelerated playback: START MENU --> All Programs --> CineForm --> Tools --> Desktop Playback-Fast
    • TURN OFF accelerated playback: START MENU --> All Programs --> CineForm --> Tools --> Desktop Playback-Quality

NOTE: Once the Fast mode is turned ON, it remains in effect until turned OFF by using the Desktop Playback-Quality setting.