GoPro Studio Professional

GoPro Cineform Studio Professional - Professional 3D Editing for Film and Broadcast

Online 3D editing workflow for Adobe, Apple, Avid, and more on both Windows and Mac

Intended for 3D cinema, broadcast, Blu-Ray, and Internet distribution, Studio Professional empowers traditional 2D industry editorial and effects tools into feature-rich 3D editorial tools.

With versions for both Windows and Macintosh, GoPro’s Studio Professional delivers a real-time 3D editing workflow compatible with most NLEs — including those from Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony. A Studio Professional workflow begins by creating CineForm 3D media that contains full-resolution Left and Right eye information in a single AVI or MOV wrapper. CineForm Intermediate compression is acclaimed for its high visual fidelity, and is used routinely as the mastering format for 2D and 3D film, televison, and archive workflows. Studio Professional implements 3D image adjustments, non-destructive primary color correction, plus 2D/3D text and graphics overlays as Active Metadata™ layers on top of the underlying 3D video layer. During editorial, Studio Professional allows for choosing 3D display modes for an external monitor, real-time keyframeable adjustments of convergence, keystoning, primary color correction, and much more, all performed in real time and implemented through Active Metadata. Studio Professional's Active Metadata architecture ensures media and Active Metadata compatibility with all QuickTime and AVI applications on both Windows and Mac.

Considering workflow, Studio Professional is used in parallel with the preferred NLE, allowing 3D adjustments during editorial playback. The tools in Studio Professional can be used for 3D finishing, or can be used to offline a 3D project with finishing performed in other tools. Studio Professional is a superset of Studio Premium and includes all applications and tools described for Studio Premium.

Studio Professional offers the following 3D features:

  • Full 3D editorial workflow: Using Studio Professional, you have a consistent 3D editing workflow that is cross-platform compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, Vegas, and other editorial and effects tools in a manner similar to editing any CineForm 2D file. All 2D and 3D adjustments are implemented as Active Metadata under control of Studio Professional. The application is kept active during editorial and allows adjustments of 2D and 3D Active Metadata parameters.
  • Display Support for most 3D monitors: Real-time formatting of CineForm 3D media into a selectable 3D presentation format during 3D decode based on the 3D monitoring setup: dual-link stereo, passive polarized, active shutter (page flip), or anaglyph
  • Keyframeable 3D Adjustments (all real-time):
    - Convergence: horizontal, vertical or rotation (skew) between Left and Right eyes
    - Stereo color adjustments: white balance, exposure, saturation, lift, gamma, gain, and more
    - Crop/zoom including pan and scan
    - Titles, metadata, and graphics overlays
  • Individual Eye Adjustments for color and image flip useful for beam-splitter 3D rigs
  • Keystoning Adjustment: Allows correction for camera toe-in/out
  • Depth Tilt to adjust relative depth of primary objects in a scene
  • 3D file creation and synchronization, including slipping one eye relative to another when sources are out of alignment.

NOTE: Some feature differences exist between the Windows and Mac versions of GoPro CineForm Studio Professional. Please verify features in the Trial download prior to purchase.

GoPro CineForm Studio Profefssional- The Basics

The underpinning of Studio Professional is the creation and use of CineForm 3D QuickTime or AVI files that contain temporally-aligned Left and Right eyes. Each eye contains full spatial resolution suitable for online workflows. CineForm 3D files are created in a manner that they are interpreted by all QuickTime or AVI applications as if they were traditional 2D files. This allows virtually all 2D MOV and AVI compatible applications to edit CineForm stereo files. This "trickery" to the calling application happens beneath the QuickTime or DirectShow layers where GoPro's Studio Professional blends Left and Right eye information in into stereo HD frames which are passed to (and through) the 2D calling application without its knowledge.

Studio Professional is a superset of the features in Studio Premium, but with the following additional professional 3D features, all of which are implemented in real-time through the Active Metadata processor:

  • Keyframeable 3D convergence controls
  • Independent eye color adjustment (including white balance)
  • Independent eye frame flip (for stereo mirror rigs)
  • Floating windows to manage edge violations
  • Keystoning to correct for improper camera toe-in/out
  • Depth tilt to adjust relative depth between primary objects in a scene
  • Image warping to correct for lens distortion (coming later)
  • Dual-link stereo HD-SDI output to drive RealD, Dolby, or XpanD projectors; and to record in stereo mode to HDCAM SR.

Included software components

  • CineForm 2D and 3D codec with Active Metadata processor
    • Win: DirectShow, Video for Windows (VfW), and QuickTime components installed
    • Mac: QuickTime components installed
  • End-user utilities included to manage file capture and conversion to CineForm files. Allows selection of image pre-processing algorithms during conversion (spatial resampling, telecine removal, and much more).
  • Command-Line Converters (Windows). Command-line conversion utilities for conversion of greater-than-HD resolution content into CineForm files, including:
    • R2CF: Convert from RED R3D media into CineForm files
    • VR2CF: Convert from Phantom (Vision Research) RAW files and CineForm files
    • DPX2CF and CF2DPX: Convert between DPX or TIFF files and CineForm media

Stereo File Creation

  • First Step: Individual conversion of Left eye and Right eye sources into 2D CineForm files;
  • Second Step: Using Studio Professional, multiplex individual eyes into a CineForm stereo stream.
  • NOTE: Certain camera and file sources have one-step conversion into CineForm stereo files.

Studio Professional Feature Specifications

  • OS Compatibility:
    • Mac: OS 10.6 or later
    • Win: Windows XP /Vista /7 (either 32-bit or 64-bit)
  • CineForm compression with embedded Active Metadata processing
    • Windows: DirectShow, Video for Windows (VfW), and QuickTime compatible with all video applications that support these interfaces.
    • Mac: QuickTime compatible with all video applications that supports QuickTime.
  • Application Compatibility: Most AVI/MOV compatible editing and effects applications including:
    • Final Cut Pro 7/X
    • Adobe CS5 / CS5.5 / CS6
    • Avid Media Composer v5/6
    • Sony Vegas10/11
  • Spatial resolution: Unrestricted. As a practical matter up to 8K for each eye.
  • File Compatibility: MOV, AVI
  • Chroma Format:10-bit 4:2:2; 12-bit 4:4:4(:4); and 12-bit CineForm RAW
  • OpenGL display support for timeline and First Light/GoPro CineForm Studio monitoring (Windows only)
  • Media Sharing with others: Free CineForm decoder with Active Metadata processor available for download on both Windows and Mac
    • Real-time Full framerate playout as user-selectable 2D or 3D format
    • Real-time Active Metadata processing for color adjustments and 3D controls
    • During render CineForm 3D files are properly recreated
  • GoPro CineForm Studio Professional is the heart of your 3D workflow. Studio Professional operates in parallel with your editing or effects software, and provides real-time, non-destructive adjustments for 3D controls, primary 2D/3D color correction, and overlays. Studio Professional adjustments are implemented as Active Metadata, which means all adjustments are made non-destructively as a "layer" on top of the underlying video. Active Metadata is implemented in a manner that is compatible with all AVI and MOV NLEs and effects applications.

    LUT Package

    Your GoPro CineForm Studio Professional installation also includes a package of 34 64x64x64 3D (cubic) LUTs ("Looks") for use with the software.

Operating System Win : Windows XP / Vista; 32-bit or 64-bit / Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit
Mac : Mac OS 10.6 or later
Acquisition / File Conversion
I/O Precision 10-12 bit
Max horizontal resolution (capture/export) Unrestricted (Practically 4K)
Chroma format YUV 4:2:2
RGB 4:4:4
RGBA 4:4:4:4
RAW Bayer
Encoder Quality Controls Five: User selectable
Selectable Wrapper formats Win : AVI / MOV
Mac : MOV
Video Formats (HD and SD) 480i/p, 576 i/p, 720p, 1080i/p, 2Kp, 3Kp, 4Kp
HD camera sources

HDV, AVCHD, XDCam HD/EX, Canon DSLRs, Cannon XF, Panasonic/Sony MVC 3d (currently Windows only), Panasonic AVC-Intra (currently Mac only with codec pack installed)

Digital Cinema Camera Compatibility (up to 4K) SI-2K, RED,
VR Phantom, Arri D21/Alexa
Image Processing During Conversion
Telecine removal (24p from 60i) Yes
Deinterlacing Yes. 30p / 25p from 60i / 50i
Image spatial resampling Yes, using Lanczos 3-lobe resampler
HD (non-square) ↔ HD (square)
Image flip (for 35mm adapters) Yes
Slow Motion - up to 2.5X Yes
Convert 24P ↔ 25p Yes, including audio remodulation
Create letterbox / pillarbox Yes
Windows MacOS
Operating System Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8 Mac OS 10.6 or greater
CPU Minumum: Intel® Core 2 Duo™
Recommended: Intel® Quad Core™ i7 or better
Mac note: Intel Mac only
Graphics Card* Graphics card that supports OpenGL 1.2 or higher
Screen Resolution Minimum: 1280x800
Recommended: 1920x1080
Minimum: 1280x768
Recommended: 1920x1080
RAM Minimum: 2GB
Recommended: 4GB or greater
Minimum: 2GB
Recommended: 4GB or greater
Hard Drive Minimum: 5400 RPM
Recommended:  7200 RPM
If external, use USB 3.0 or eSATA
Minimum: 5400 RPM
Recommended:  7200 RPM
If external, use Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, Firewire or eSATA
QuickTime V7.6 or greater V7.6 or greater

Note: For systems below the minimum hardware recommendations, performance may degrade, but software will most likely continue to function. GoPro Studio is not available for Linux, iOS® or Android™ devices at this time.

* It is highly recommended that you use the latest graphics drivers directly from the graphics card manufacturer.

Color Processing With Active Metadata … Without Rendering

GoPro Cineform Studio Premium is an application for developing CineForm media including

  • Primary color correction;
  • 3D stereo adjustments; and
  • Text and graphic overlays.

Image adjustments made in Studio Professional change Active Metadata parameters, which are metadata controls that instruct the CineForm decoder about image development rules. Active Metadata adjustments are always non-destructive because they are never flattened into your media — until you choose to render. Image adjustments are always performed in real time during playback — including primary color correction, 3D LUTs, 3D stereo adjustments, text/graphic overlays, and much more — using CineForm's Active Metadata processor that is part of the CineForm decoder.

So How Does It Work? Active Metadata, which accompanies your CineForm media, can be thought of as a separate "layer" from the underlying video information, and is stored in a database separate from your CineForm media. This technique means Active Metadata is never "flattened" into your media which can cause loss of headroom and even clipping. When manipulating images using Studio Professional, changes are immediately written to the Active Metadata database (not into the file itself) and changes are immediately visible in the playback window of any calling application. But remember, those changes are always non-destructive, and they are compatible with any application that calls a CineForm file.

Compatible Everywhere - An Active Metadata workflow is extremely flexible — all CineForm files with Active Metadata are completely cross-platform and cross-applications compatible. Compatibility is assured because Active Metadata processing is performed after the base image is decoded (beneath the DirectShow or QuickTime layer), but before handing off the image(s) to the calling application such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Media Composer, and more.

What is the Workflow? You will normally launch Studio Professional to run in parallel with an NLE or Effects application. When Studio Professional is in the foreground you can adjust parameters on CineForm files. When you bring the NLE or Effects application into the foreground and hit "Play" the adjustment will immediately appear in real time with no rendering required.

Active Metadata Features

  • Non-destructive and keyframeable primary color correction as Active Metadata for CineForm media
    • - White Balance — auto-select or manually adjust
    • - Exposure
    • - Contrast
    • - Saturation
    • - Lift / Gamma / Gain
    • - 64x64x64 3D LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for color mapping
  • Image Reframing
    • - horizontal and vertical image placement
    • - independent horizontal and vertical zoom
    • - rotation
    • - dynamic stretch
    • - letterbox/pillarbox masking
  • Define DeBayer algorithm used when decoding CineForm RAW media
  • Selectable decoder curve
  • 3D stereo adjustments including:
    • - Convergence adjustments (horizontal, vertical, rotation (skew))
    • - Disparity Zoom to adjust for focal length mismatch
  • Additional 3D stereo adjustments (Studio Professional only):
    • - Keyframeability for all convergence adjustments
    • - Independent Left / Right eye adjustments (color / image flip, etc)
    • - Keystoning to adjust for toe-in/out problems
    • - Floating windows to manage edge violations
    • - Depth tilt to adjust relative depth of primary objects in a scene

Overlay Features

  • Overlay engine for text and graphics
    • - text overlay plus choice of font, size, color, stroke, opacity, in/out, fade; independent parallax adjustment
    • - graphics (PNG) overlay with scale, opacity, in/out, fade; independent parallax adjustment
    • - tools overlay including histogram, waveform, and scopes
    • - metadata overlay for timecode, file name, and other passive metadata
    • - grid overlay for object placement or 3D adjustments
    • - free-form placement of objects
  • View all passive metadata fields within a file
  • Add passive metadata fields (future)

Playback Controls

  • Global Metadata Playback controls: Select ON or OFF for each Active Metadata field
  • Select full or partial resolution decoding
  • Choice of stereo playback mode:
    • - 2D: Left eye or right eye
    • - Anaglyph: Red-Cyan,Amber-Blue, Amber-Magenta
    • - Passive Polarized: side-by-side, over-under, interlace (fields)
    • - sequential frame (active shutter) - Windows only for now
    • - Free View - for external 3D viewer
    • - Adjustment Mode: Onion Skin, Difference (for adjusting 3D offsets)
  • Additional choices of stereo playback mode (Studio Professional only):
    • - dual-link stereo playout to drive RealD, Dolby, or XpanD 3D projectors
    • - Split Mode - helpful for independent eye color correction

Project Features

  • Support for Tangent Wave 3-ball control panel
  • Export 64x64x64 3D LUTs for use with other media
  • Define "projects": each project can be multiple clips — for instance, a scene or other collection of clips
  • Copy Active Metadata from one clip and Paste to one or more clips in a project
  • Define multiple color databases. Select active database from list.
  • Export color database and associated Active Metadata for moving to a different machine