GoPro Studio Professional

GoPro Studio Professional


GoPro CineForm Studio Professional is CineForm's real-time 3D editing software for Windows or Mac. GoPro CineForm Studio Professional extends the features and performance of 2D NLE and compositing software applications - including from Adobe, Apple, Avid, Autodesk, Sony, etc - into feature-rich 3D editing tools.  GoPro CineForm Studio Professional supports YUV / RGB / CineForm RAW stereo files at unlimited spatial resolution for its workflow.

Studio Professional includes GoPro's CineForm Studio application, the center point for real-time 3D adjustments including: stereo file multiplexing, individual eye or stereo color correction, keyframeable convergence (horizontal, vertical, rotation), keystoning, floating windows, and much more.  GoPro CineForm Studio Professional also supports file conversion and pre-processing of most camera sources. HD Link (Win) or ReMaster (Mac) are included for some sources, not yet supported in the Studio interface.

Order Notes: After placing your order you will receive two emails. The first is the order confirmation e-mail, and the second contains your serial number and instructions for activation. Sometimes these emails get caught in SPAM filters - so be sure to check there if you don't see them in your inbox).

A Note for Upgrade Orders: If you are purchasing an upgrade you'll need to include the serial number for your existing CineForm product. Simply enter your current serial number in the box above. Current serial numbers that qualify for this upgrade must be from the purchase of Neo 3D. If you enter your current serial number and get a message saying that the serial number is not eligible for an upgrade, that means it is not a valid serial number or that the serial number has been locked, returned or already upgraded.

If you have any questions about upgrade eligibility, please open a support request at the CineForm Support Center.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: We do not accept returns so please download and evaluate the trial version prior to purchasing. Fully-functional 15-day trial versions can be download from our Downloads Page.