Workflow Overview

CineForm Enhances and Simplifies End-to-End Post-Production Workflows….

GoPro CineForm Studio simplifies the work of editors and effects artists through post-production by converting myriad camera and file formats into CineForm’s compressed Digital Intermediate (“DI”) AVI or MOV format that offers visual fidelity equivalent to using an uncompressed workflow.

After conversion, GoPro CineForm Studio is used with your favorite post-production software on Windows or Mac to obtain new features, achieve higher performance, and improve visual fidelity for your post workflow that is otherwise unavailable.

The result of using a CineForm-based post workflow is higher visual quality for your finished project, yet with reduced investment in labor and equipment.


Using a CineForm workflow:

Step 1 – Capture/Convert: “Normalize” virtually all camera, tape, streaming, and file formats into CineForm AVI or MOV files which become your new digital master – your original footage can be archived.

CineForm files are visually indistinguishable from using uncompressed files – except smaller – and are an excellent choice for long-term archive. Signal-to-noise ratio performance exceeds the respected HDCAM™ SR tape format.

Up to 4K and beyond spatial resolution, 12-bit precision, plus 4:2:2, 4:4:4(:4), and Raw chroma formats

Remove telecine (24p from 60i), de-interlace, spatial resampling, plus many more pre-processing features can be performed during conversion.

Create CineForm 3D files for your online 3D editorial workflow

Converted files are cross-platform (Win and Mac) and cross-applications compatible with virtually all QuickTime (MOV) or DirectShow (AVI) applications.

Step 2 – Online Post-Production: Post-production is always “online” meaning you edit your CineForm master files with your favorite post-production software tools – no proxy files, no conforming, and no specialized hardware.

With GoPro CineForm Studio you are ready to begin online post-production using Premiere Pro/After Effects, Final Cut Pro/Motion, AVID Media Composer, Combustion, Vegas, Speedgrade, and many other industry-standard software products.

GoPro CineForm software works in complement with your favorite editing or effects software, offering real-time video engines, effects processing, reversible color manipulation, 3D processing, and other features

Using GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Professional you can adjust image development parameters (white balance, color matrix, 3D LUTs, and many more) for your files non-destructively based on CineForm’s Active Metadata processing engine. Color adjustments are immediately visible in your editing or effects without rendering.

Step 3 – Distribution/Archive: For archive it is best to retain your CineForm files as their visual fidelity is generally higher than for any other compressed format.

For recording to tape through HD-SDI you can playout your CineForm project using GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Professional with Adobe Premiere Pro plus an AJA Xena card on Windows, or on Mac using Final Cut Pro plus an AJA Kona card.

For electronic distribution you simply render from your CineForm master files to your preferred distribution format (such as MPEG2, Blu-Ray, etc) using your NLE or effects software.  GoPro CineForm Studio Premium/Professional also includes exporters to DPX files for compatibility with applications that don’t support streaming AVI or MOV files.

For best visual fidelity for digital projection you should project directly from CineForm files unless your projection requires DCI compliance.